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Thermostone® benefits

Eco-friendly stone or cultured stone, which is as strong as natural stone, offers more features such as excellent resistance due to not having living organisms that age the stone.

THERMOSTONE® eco-friendly stone is characterised mainly for its ease of installation and the fact it provides endless decorative possibilities.

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15 years manufacturing the best solutions in decorative stone

We are a company with more than 15 years of experience in producing artificial and decorative stone for cladding walls.

Our headquarters are located in O Barco de Valdeorras, in Ourense, Galicia. Valdeorras is a region with a close link to the exportation of stone made for use as a building material.

At our premises, as well as using the most innovative technology in our production processes, we also have our own mould and sculpting equipment workshop which is able to provide a solution to the different decorative requirements.

We have a Showroom where you can see all of the latest THERMOSTONE® products, as well as the products and varieties that appear in our catalogue.

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Commitment to sustainability

Here at THERMOSTONE® we have a sustainable commitment to the earth. We manufacture eco-friendly stone, a recyclable product which is respectful towards the environment and also helps to save energy thanks to its insulation capacity.

Its durability, strength and low maintenance cause a much lower environmental impact than other materials used in construction and décor.