The best eco materials for your house design

Los mejores materiales ecológicos para el diseño de tu casa

The use of eco materials in house building has increased considerably in recent years. It is a solution that respects the environment and offers us all kinds of interesting solutions on an aesthetic and functional level.  

One of the advantages found in eco materials is the wide variety of possibilities that they offer this sector, given that many eco materials are associated with the construction sector, with artificial eco stone being one of the most recommended solutions. 

Artificial eco stone: what is it?

The impact of artificial stone is currently having a significant effect on eco and sustainable building. It is a type of mortar that imitates natural stone, both in texture and in colour.

Artificial stone is made of components such as, expanded clay aggregate, selected quarts, special cements, lime and iron oxides, among others, and these are chosen depending on its future use. 

The objective is to substitute natural stone with artificial stone as, in order to be used in the building sector, natural stone requires all kinds of arduous processes that have an effect the environment. 

What advantages does artificial eco stone offer?

To understand the attraction of artificial eco stone, one needs to be aware of the many advantages that this material offers. Firstly, we highlight that it is much more economical than natural stone, and this is one of the main reasons that explains the demand for this product. 

We should also mention the adaptability and versatility that artificial stone provides. It is an interesting solution to the decoration of both interior and exterior walls, as well as being ideal for all kinds of decorative spaces. 

Moreover, the client is able to choose both the size and the specific features of the stone, such as, the colour, texture or finish. Undoubtedly, this is one of the greatest advantages of artificial stone, as it can offer the client greater aesthetic solutions. 

Lastly, we should not forget to point out that this type of stone is noteworthy, mainly because of its resistance and durability. One has to keep in mind that natural stone may have internal imperfections that may cause damage in the future, something which will not occur with artificial stone. 

In summary, with the many advantages offered by artificial eco stone, it is no surprise that it has become one of the most sought-after materials in house building, and this trend is expected to continue growing in coming years. 

Artificial stone is not only the ideal environmental solution, but it also has interesting advantages, such as its excellent insulation, adaptability, aesthetic and functionality, which are sufficient reasons to opt for this material and for explaining the current demand for it. 

What are the main uses for artificial eco stone?

We have already explained that one of the main advantages that this material offers is that it adapts perfectly to all types of environments. In this sense, it is a type of stone that can be used in decorating the façade of a house as well as the interior walls. 

This type of material is also ideal for use in decoration, such as in swimming pools, stairs and fireplaces. 

Another interesting feature of artificial stone is that there are models that imitate other materials, such as wood or bricks, which means that the possibilities at our disposal are as wide-ranging as they are varied.

Other eco materials that are ideal for construction

Apart from artificial stone, there are other materials that are notable due to being environmentally friendly. They offer a very interesting solution for those who want to build a sustainable house that respects the environment. 

One of the best examples we have is wood, a material that is notable mainly for its low environmental impact, both in its production and in its life cycle. Moreover, one should not forget that wood offers a wide variety of aesthetic and functional solutions when building a house. 

In relation to insulating materials, we would point out cellulose fibre obtained from recycled paper is the most environmentally-friendly solution that we have at our disposal. This material is significant mainly due to its fire-resistant and insecticidal properties, as well as being very economical.  

Insulation panels made from wood fibre, baked clay or lime mortar are other eco alternatives related to sustainable building and which will be very useful in buildings which respect the environment. 

Advantages of using eco materials in construction

When we talk about the use of eco materials, we believe that their only advantage is not causing damage to the environment. However, they have are other important benefits that are worth knowing about, and that don’t just reduce global pollution. 

Firstly, the use of environmentally-friendly materials allows us to save money on our utility bills, as the use of renewable energy, such as solar or wind, will translate into an important saving in our monthly bills. 

Another advantage that should be kept in mind when opting for eco materials in building a house is durability. This tends to be superior when compared to other types of materials, and they hardly require any maintenance work. 

To end this list of advantages for the use of eco materials, we should add that they are the ideal solution for looking after our health, as they avoid the use of toxic materials which could give rise to all kinds of health problems.