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THERMOSTONE® is an artificial stone made from clay aggregate, selected quartz, special cements, lime and iron oxides, which makes it an insulating, very lightweight and eco-friendly material. Thanks to the clay aggregate and THERMOSTONE®’s special technology, the final product is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator, vapour permeable, lightweight, pressure resistant, with biological neutrality, fire resistant and weather resistant. It is a product that does not age, which is also eco-friendly and recyclable.

Yes. THERMOSTONE® is an artificial stone cladding that can be used both in interior design and on exteriors in modern architecture.

The imitation of the surface of natural stone or brick is virtually exact, but thanks to its ingredients, THERMOSTONE® stone is much lighter weight than the types of monolithic rocks found in nature. Using natural stone foundations is too expensive and not very practical, but our material adheres much more easily, quickly and cheaply to almost all surfaces and bases.

Decorative cladding using THERMOSTONE® guarantees a cost saving of between 30% and 50% compared to natural stone. These savings are because there is no need to further increase the strength of structures after installation.

Depending on the difficulty of the model of THERMOSTONE® chosen, you can cover between 5 – 25 m2 of a façade per day. In the models with straight shapes, such as “Smooth Stone”, “Mediterranean Stone” or “Oriental Stone”, it is possible to cover up to 50 m2 per day since they don’t require pointing. The models with irregular shapes require more care, precision and time for their installation and pointing, so they take longer.

The minimum order is one box of any model.

The artificial cladding stones from the THERMOSTONE® brand are fire and heat resistant. Moreover, they do not emit smoke or heat up. In any case, placing them in direct contact with fire is not recommended.

Cladding from the THERMOSTONE® brand is sold by square metre, while the corner elements, only required for certain models, are available per linear metre.

The colour pigments are iron oxides and are added during the preparation process, in such a way that they become a chemical component of the product. Long exposure to various weather effects does not cause the fading or discolouring of its original tone.

To prevent the accumulation of dirt or mould, we advise occasional cleaning of the surface with clean water, using a water pressure of below 100 bars. If there is a lot of dirt in the atmosphere, you can permeate the stone using a layer of neutral varnish.

THERMOSTONE® products are made using natural materials which are not harmful to health or the environment.

Our decorative cladding products come with a 30 year guarantee from the date of purchase.

The guarantee applies to all products, but not to their installation. Any claim must be made before installing the materials since, if products that are broken or have suffered visible damage or defects, we will never be liable.

The products must be installed respecting the building regulations of each country and in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Given that THERMOSTONE® is a decorative rather than a structural product, it does not fall under building regulations. However, in renovating historic buildings or cultural monuments, it is possible to gain authorisation from the construction management.